Friday, 31 May 2013

A New Addiction? Oh Dear!

Art Journalling is something relatively new to me. I very much enjoy digital crafting, which is a lot more that just drag & drop and have been having a play with digital AJ to try out new techniques etc. The first pages I did were in Craft Artist, but this one has been done in ArtRage. I love AR because it really isn't any different to using paint/pens/pencils and paper. Unless you're very good with a mouse, I do recommend a tablet and pen though unless you're using the AR app on an ipad. I've used digital mixed media for this with oils for the background applied with brush and roller and watercolours and alcohol pens for the rest, fading the guitar to look like 2nd or 3rd generation stamping. I used a stencil for the grasses. I've learned more about the program in the hour or so it took to create this than I have in the rest of the 6 months I've had it! I love the effects I can get and can't wait to learn more! The beauty of it is that I can still create even when I can't have access to my stash.

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  1. This is lovely Ann, thanks for sharing at OLLCB x


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