Tuesday, 31 July 2012

I'm On A Mission....

to find ways to turn 12x12 layouts that I've created in Craft Artist into 12x12 pages using my an A4 printer. I've already posted a couple of ways and this is number three. I showed you the original page a couple of weeks ago (click here if you didn't see it). I changed the page set up from 12x12 to A4 landscape, move the brads and added a ribbon. You can't see it so well in the photo, but I also digitally inked the edges then printed it off. I chose a 12x12 sheet from my stash then went in search of some embellishments for the bottom of the page. I used a ribbon and lace strip to put behind the rosebuds and a ribbon in front of them. The rosebuds are a digi stamp that I used twice and coloured digitally in photoshop. All of the embellishments are made from card and cut out and layered up on pinflair glue gel as is the photo and frame.
The extras that aren't listed on the original post are:

  • ribbon & lace and bow from Aged Wedding (Miriam's)
  • ribbon on the A4 design from Tempting Turquoise and Rosebud digi from Crafty Ann's
  • 12x12 paper from a huge pack I got from Costco a couple of years back and I swear elves come in during the night and replenish what you've used because it doesn't seem to go down! 
Seeing as this is not entirely a new piece I've decided not to enter it into any challenges. Thanks for visiting today.

Monday, 30 July 2012

Vintage Elegance

Today I'm sharing a card with you that is the result of wanting to test something but I'm rather pleased with what came out of it! I've been designing some new papers in a new program on an iPad - also new to me. It's been very therapeutic to do, sitting in front of the TV but before I went too far (having designed 8!!!) I decided I ought to make sure they'd work in the scrapbook kits. I'm happy to report that they work fine and this card came about while I experimented. I don't tend to do full blown vintage that often but might be tempted to now. As usual, I've mixed and matched items and papers from several kits to get something that works for me. What I used:

  • The top bp is from Pam Lefors' Embossed papers 1 set, the bottom one is the one I was testing - it'll be in a kit sometime soon
  • The main topper and bow are from Aged Wedding and the keys are from It's all in the wood - both from Miriam's.  I created the Gold Mount that the topper is on in Craft Artist
  • The Pearls are from Crafty Ann's Cream Dream kit
  • The lace is from British Street Party and the lovely gold swirl is from Swirling Memories - both from Daisy Trail (the swirl is black but I changed it to gold in Craft Artist)
All in all, I'm quite pleased with how this little play session turned out and I'm entering it into these challenges:

Thank you for dropping by today and I hope your day is as good as it can be.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Filling A Gap!

I'm an old fashioned kinda gal and most of my reading is still done from real books (remember them?? lol) and I fancied myself a new bookmark so I decided to design some and have a play with Craft Artist at the same time. I've made a file to store them in so that they are there whenever I want one. I thought they'd be handy to slip in with cards as a wee extra and also to fill up a bit of space to make the best use of paper when I'm printing stuff off. I decided to share the idea with the lovely peeps on the Serif Craft Artist Users Group on facebook and some wanted to know what kits I'd used and as I'd used a mixture of kits, I thought it would be easier to list them on here - so are you ready?? Working on the basis that 1 is extreme left and 4 is extreme right:
Bookmark 1: 
  • Backing paper, flowers, butterflies & watch are from the Sweet Sage kit. The butterflies were overlaid the the gold outline from the butterfly 1 digi stamp set (now coming free with the Sweet Sage kit.) The studs are from the Rhapsody in Blue kit and the gold paper is from the Gold Collection (all from Crafty Ann's)
  • Flourish from Aged Wedding (from Miriam's)
Bookmark 2:
  • Backing paper and straight ribbons from Summer Fun (from Daisy Trail)
  • Pearl Studs from Cream Dream (from Crafty Ann's)
  • Topper, bow, 3 swirly embellishments from Aged Wedding (from Miriam's). These were all changed in different ways in CA such as changing colour and using metallic effects to make a monochrome design.
Bookmark 3:
  • Backing paper, handmade paper, flowers, ribbon and buckle all from Imperial Purple. Studs from Rhapsody in blue changed from matt to shiny in CA (from Crafty Ann's)
  • Flourishes from Aged Wedding (from Miriam's)
Bookmark 4:
  • Blue backing paper and cogs/gears from Rhapsody in Blue kit (from Crafty Ann's)
  • White backing paper, pin, daisy & threaded eyelets from Denim Lace. Key from It's all in the wood (from Miriam's)
  • Crochet flower from Happy Christmas (from Daisy Trail)
Phew! Having created these, I couldn't decide which one to use first so I decided to make a tent fold one so that I could use all for and switch them about as the fancy takes me. I hope you have as much fun creating your own.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Nicely Indulgent!

I'm getting ahead with my sister's birthday card for next month. It's quite a big one with more depth than I usually do these days but I know that it's going to a home where it will be appreciated. Our theme at CACB this time is a simple one - Easel cards! I haven't made one in a while but do enjoy them. I decided to go for a differently shaped one this time so have gone for an octagon. I created it in Craft Artist so getting the mats the right size was nice and easy. The photo doesn't show it very clearly but there are several layers both top and bottom. What I've used:

  • Host of Golden Daffodils digi (coloured in photoshop), purple bp and diamond shaped gold and pearl border (used 3 times) from Imperial Purple kit. (All from Crafty Ann's)
  • Bow from Happy Easter kit, flourish and lace from Swirling Memories kit. (Both from Daisy Trail)
I'm entering my card into the following challenges:
Thank you for dropping by today, and I do hope you'll join us this fortnight.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Take Three!

This is another page for the sepia version of our wedding album and I have loved making it. It was triggered by a challenge on the Serif Craft Artist Users Group on facebook which is to make a page using 3 of your favourite techniques. I must admit to having more than three, but 3 of my most often used are: drop shadow, changing colours to suit and the metallics special effects. I went for copper rather than gold for this one because it seemed to suit what I was doing better and because it seems appropriate seeing as hubby is a plumber :o)
I've used a mixture of kits (another favourite technique) for this one including one that's only in progress so you're also getting a bit of a sneaky peak. What I've used:

  • Backing paper, lace doiley, leaves and bow from Aged Wedding by Miriam
  • Book plate and brads from Cream Cream by Crafty Ann's (changed slightly in CAP)
  • Flowers and frame - sneak peak! 
I'm entering my page into these challenges:
It's been a busy old week and this is the first real crafty stint I've had and I feel so much better for it - thank you for visiting and I hope your day is a good one.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Paper Piecing

It's time for another challenge at CACB and this time our theme is Paper Piecing. It can be done digitally or the old fashioned way. I've done mine digitally and paper pieced the kimono - I've even paper pieced the tiny blossoms and leaves. Now there's dedication fer ya! I've use the kimono, blossom branch, lantern and journalling tags digis and the bp is from the silver collection but I changed the colour in Craft Artist (all from Crafty Ann's.) and have put my design together in Craft Artist before printing off and layering up. I've layered the blossoms and lantern. The lovely flourish in the bottom right hand corner is from the Swirling Memories Kit by Daisy Trail which I changed to have a gold finish.
I'm also entering my card into these challenges: 
Thank you for visiting today and I hope you'll get the chance to join us this week.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Mystical Magic

This is one of my all time favourite CD images. It's from Joanna Sheen's Victorian Angels & Fairies and I've been wanting to use it in Craft Artist for a while. I created the bp using one from the Tempting Turquoise add on kit and the image from the CD. In Craft Artist, I had already isolated the giant lily from the top of the picture and used this as part of the flower cluster in the bottom left hand corner. All the items I used are:

  • Frame from Tempting Turquoise kit, bp from Tempting Turquoise add on kit (both from Crafty Ann's)
  • Flower from Denim Lace Kit (from Miriam)
  • Flourish from Modern Lace and another flourish from Swirling Memories (both from Daisy Trail)
  • Angel's and Fairies CD from Joanna Sheen
It's fabulous being able to create such 3D looking cards without a lot of height - here in the UK, we have a complicated and costly postage pricing so being able to keep cards to a standard letter size is a bonus. I don't just like to send totally flat cards though, so I cut certain parts out and layer them with either 1mm foam or glue gel that I have make the height I want to.
If you're interested, I've done a tutorial about how I do this without having to print the entire topper off each time which saves both paper and a heck of a lot of ink! This card will still go standard letter size.
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Thank you for your visit today, see you again tomorrow.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Digital Pyramage

I've had such fun creating this today! My mojo was well and truly sparked and I totally lost myself in this - I daren't tell you how long it took me to create! The length of time wasn't because what I was doing was difficult but because my mojo kept sparking off and I kept experimenting - it's been great for the pain relief! Before I go any further, I've got to thank Catherine from the Craft Artist Users Group on facebook who gave me the idea of doing pyramage digitally. She's put a tutorial on there for how to do it, but I'd already had a play myself before I saw it - I will check it out though in case Catherine's way is better than mine. I've used quite a few kits to create this so let's see if I can remember everything I used:
  • The main bp, key, & flowers were all from Miriam's Denim Lace kit
  • 2 bps, 'peel offs', buttons and gears/cogs were from the  Rhapsody in Blue Kit and the gold bp from the Gold collection, both from Crafty Ann's 
  • Lace from the Swirling Memories kit and the bow from the Happy Easter Kit, both from Daisy Trail
  • The pyramaged topper is from Joanna Sheen's Victorian Companion CD1
I designed the card and 'inked' the edges in Craft Artist. The main topper and the cluster of embellishments in the bottom right hand corner have been decoupaged although the photo doesn't really show this. I'm entering my card into these challenges:
Thank you for dropping in today and I do hope yours is a good one.