Monday, 9 March 2009

Tasty Recipe

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I know that the clue is in the name, i.e. - challenge.......but Cynthia really did challenge me with this one! On Rainbow Lady's Challenge blog this week, Cynthia has given us a recipe to follow:

  • Take one white card.
  • One rubber stamp.
  • A hand made flower or two.
  • Some ribbon.
  • A couple of corner peel offs or peel off strips.
  • oh, I nearly forgot - and the colour scheme of RED, BLUE AND SILVER
I looked at this and immediately went blank - but eventually came up with what you see above. I hope it'll be okay because I have used two stamps instead of one, my hand made flowers have been stamped, embossed and cut out in two different sizes then layered up and I've used a mixure of two straight lines and one corner in the peel off department. The white card is the base card. The stamps are from Elusive Images and Umount.
Thank you my friend, once again you have really stretched me with this one! :-)


  1. I wish I'd made this card Ann. It's beautiful. It may have stretched your mind but your mind is obviously very flexible.
    Beryl xx

  2. Ooo love this one Ann like Beryl says you do have a very flexiable mind and turn your hand to anything you always make cards look so beautiful.

    Lorraine x

  3. Mmmm well stretched my friend as this is fabulous. Love the embossing and the background colours too. Thanks for sharing Love Cynthia x

  4. What a beautiful card. Glad I'm not the only one who struggled with this though!! Your embossing is stunning. Lol Lynn ♥

  5. OOOO it's yummy. What wonderfully distressed looks!! I have not THOUGHT of it yet, and might not get to it, if it taxed you so much!!!

  6. This card is luscious Ann! I love the silver swirls against the red background. I agree though, this was a hard challenge but you've risen to it beautifully!
    Ali xx

  7. A recipe for success Ann, your card is certainly that, it's stunning.

    Hugs Sandie x

  8. Love what you did with the peel offs. Cute card.

  9. Good work Ann - I'm struggling too. Mindyou I never thought of using silver for the stamping - how daft am I?

    Will have to get thinking fast.

    Your work is brilliant - oh those swirls - wow.

    Ann xxx

  10. Really classy card Ann. xx

  11. Very nice. Opulent is the word that came to my mind.

    Jane xx

  12. I would say a very succesful recipe Ann you always come up with the most amazing cards, things that i ould never of even thought of
    Wendy xx

  13. Gorgeous card Ann, Cynthia has certainly set a hard challenge this week.
    Christine x

  14. Wow, and wow gorgeous.



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