Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Rainy Days

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If I'm to be strictly honest, I have to admit that this lady might just be holding a parasol rather than an umbrella - but the evidence for the defence is this:
  • looking at her clothes it's also windy, and
  • the background looks kind of rainy to me.
Based on the above evidence ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I'm entering this card into this week's Tanda Teaser challenge called Rainy Days!
The 15cm square linen base card has been stamped with a flourish stamp and the main image, from Joanna Sheen's Fashion Boutique CD, has been edged with a gold pentouch pen and mounted onto a square of maroon and a square of gold silk mirri card that have both been put through the cuttlebug divine swirls folder.
The defence rests and thanks you for your visit today!


  1. I believe you Ann, looks like it's raining to me. It's a gorgeous card.

  2. The prosecution says that she's wearing sunglasses so the sun must be shining! It's still a lovely card Ann -isn't it a fantastic CD?
    Ali xx

  3. Look's like she went out expecting sun and got rain so I believe you too! Great card Ann!, thanks for joining in with the challenge this week.

  4. Definately looks "Rainy" to me too. Wonderful card Ann.

    Hugs Sandie x

  5. Ann, if you say it's raining, it's raining!!! Seriously the card is lovely and has an airy feeling ...

  6. Hi Ann I totally agree with you about the rain. Its a lovely card the image is perfect for the challenge. Since I have been stamping a painting so much lately my CDs are gatherng dust must try and get them out.
    Lorraine x

  7. oh you did make me smile with this Ann...
    'the evidence for the defence is this:

    looking at her clothes it's also windy, and
    the background looks kind of rainy to me.'

    I'm sorry but I think we need to speak to the original artist - I just don't accept the fact that it's raining. Windy yes but will that umbrella really keep her dry - I think not and well I'm just shocked that you would try and enter a card for a challenge under these false pretences!!!

    LOL!! Tell you what though it's a great card and a fantastic image. It never fails to amaze me the amount of stuff on that CD - I printed some things from it the other day but I can't remember this. Has Joanna sold me a dud with only half the images on?

    Love the Divine Swirls - they are perfect for the kind of image.
    Crikey I'm really rambling this is more like an email than a comment!!!
    Ann xxx

  8. Love this card. I've not done the Tanda challenges for a while but think I should get back to them as they keep the brain active!!


  9. Another image that ive not noticed on this cd yet!! Gosh soo many,youve done the image proud Ann,but the umbrella to me looks like a lampshade lolol Sorry
    Wendy xx

  10. Well Ann, I'm happy to go along with your evidence that it's raining (after all you live in one of the rainiest areas of the country so you should be an expert!)LOL
    A gorgeous card, love this CD, the image, the cuttlebugging and as for that flourish stamp...where did you get it, it's fabulous!

  11. Absolutely beautiful. If she lives in West Scotland, then it is definitely raining!!!

    Jane xx

  12. Well Ann a perfect excuse and I will believe you as it certainly looks as if its raining.

    A beautiful and elegant card.


  13. Come rain or shine it's a lovely card. The mirri in the corner really stands out. I love the image as well. I have this CD and I am ashamed to say have not used it yet. oooh!
    Jacqui xx


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