Friday, 30 January 2009

Oooo 'eck - I've been tagged - twice!!

Well, I've been tagged twice today by Beryl and Frankie. I'm supposed to go to where I store my pictures, find the 6th folder and the 6th picture in that folder and explain it. I'm sure you'll be thrilled to see this one! We're in the process of refurbishing the house and while my hubby was doing the staircase and landing area which involved a lot of plastering he found the carpet to be a nuisance and as we were planning to change it anyway, took it up. Underneath it we found this - it's solid mahogany! It had been abused in some ways over the years but in the main was in very good condition. The point where you see it here, we'd got as far as stripping most of the white paint off but all the sanding to get rid of the old varnish etc was still to be done. I'm happy to say that all the hard work paid off and now it looks lovely and the carpet won't be replaced!
Now I'm supposed to tag 6 other people but I think most people have already been tagged so I'm going to content myself with just two:
Sorry girls!


  1. Hi Ann couldn't help but giggle, you are so popular. Wow what a great find you must have been pleased.

    Lorraine x

  2. I`ve adding mine - great seeing all the photo`s about - haven`t a clue for the tagging - looked it up this morning but nothing

    I was pleased it was an old photo of Erin my 6th of 6th
    Take care you and thanks for adding me

  3. I bet it looks beautiful now Ann
    Beryl x

  4. We need an after picture as well now.
    Beryl xx


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