Thursday, 22 January 2009

Just Been Given.......

I've just been given these two lovely awards by Irene (one lovely blog) and Ann (both!) Thank you both very much indeed, I am very honoured to receive them. I hope I can be forgiven for not passing these on straight away, but as all the blogs I visit are lovely, should you not have it, do feel free to collect it on your way past, and if you read the write up on Ann's blog you will be able to see what it is awarded for, but I think hugs are always appropriate - so once again, help yourself to a hug!
Awwww! how lucky am I? I've just been given another Hug award, this time from Frankie - thank you honey, I'll treasure it :))


  1. Well deserved Ann, congratulations.

    Hugs Sandie x

  2. Hi Ann, well done you. I was just about to award you the HUG, and I still will, so have a look over on my blog and collect your ward from me too, honey.

  3. There's another award for you on my blog :o)
    Ali xx


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