Tuesday, 9 December 2008

A Welcome Return!

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Today I'm sharing something a little different with you. I did these two cross stitch pictures at a time of tremendous upheaval in my life - the Angel one is about 4 years old and the Dreamcatcher is about 3 years old. They were very theraputic to do and are just as theraputic to enjoy looking at - the reason for the title of the post though is because they have been (very carefully) packed away in the loft for the last 18 months and the reason we can have them out again now is because our new bedroom is finally finished!! These pictures are the icing on the cake and we finally feel that we're properly home even though there's still lots to do :)
Thank you for popping by today.


  1. wow as a cross stitcher at heart - although I don`t have the time now - I think these are Stunning pieces of work
    I love sharing them and the story too - glad they can be looked at now

  2. I too am a cross stitcher and your pictures are beautiful, such a lot of work. So glad your bedroom is finished and you can show them all off
    Beryl x

  3. I too am an avid Crosstitcher and always have a piece on the go. Tremendous pictures Ann, and I know you will enjoy having them up again where you can see them all the time. Hugs Rita xxx

  4. These are beautiful and I am sure they will look stunning in your new room.

    Ann xxx

  5. These are really beautiful, I am not a cross stitcher but can guess the amount of hard work that went into them both. I am glad that doing them was of help to you at the time and that they can now be admired in your newly finished bedroom and they will be the icing on the cake. Cathy xxx

  6. OMG, Ann these are just stunning, they must have taken an age to complete, but well worth it.
    They will look gorgeous in your new bedroom.


  7. They are really beautiful. Excellent work.

    Jane xx

  8. Both fabulous pictures Ann, I'm sure they are the final touch to being back in your room again.
    I used to love cross stitching, but sadly my eyesight isn't good enough now.

  9. I used to cross stitch before the card making took over and these are wonderful. So glad you have them out again to enjoy!

  10. These are beautiful and as a cross stitcher myself I know how much work has gone into each project.
    It must be great to finally get a chance to put them up.

  11. 2 stunning pieces of work Ann and in sure they will look lovely in your new bedroom
    Wendy xx

  12. Pleased to hear that everything is finished now Ann, these are amazing, both stunning but my favourite has to be the beautiful angel.

  13. Stunning pieces of work Ann and I'm sure they will have pride of place in your new bedroom. I love x-stitching too but never seem to find the time these days. x


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