Friday, 19 September 2008

Time To Give Peace A Chance

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Well, this is my first post to my blog from my newly updated computer! It's sooo much faster it's untrue - I'm so lucky that my DH does them for us. I still need to re-install things like the printer and my craft robo but I decided to take time out to post this arch. It covers two challenges, Gothic Arches - Time and Wednesday Stamper with their subject being the topic of Peace. It's the International Day of Peace this Sunday, 21st september so this was obviously the ideal time to have this challenge.
I'll also take the opportunity to tell you of something that my DH and I do each sunday evening. If you have read the side bar you will know that we are registered healers. You may also be aware of something called the 'healing minute' where healers the world over meditate at the same time for one minute to ask for healing for all those who need it.
There is also a "minute for peace" and this happens at 8pm on a sunday. You don't need to be a healer to do this, or even to meditate regularly. All you need to do is find somewhere to sit quietly and simply ask in your mind that all those in positions of power be helped to find peaceful solutions to the issues that are causing conflict. There's a full explanation of this here if you would like to know more.
Now to the arch - I created the background with espresso and raisin alcohol inks on a copper silk finish card. Then I stamped the small fob watch in versafine vintage sepia having forgotten what card I was using - so I rescued it with clear EP! As it turned out, I prefer the effect anyway, so this was definitely a happy accident. The large fob watch was stamped onto a spare piece of the main card using versamark and embossed with gold detail EP. The main image is from Joanna Sheen's Dancing with Shadows CD and felt perfect for this subject - after all, it is the future of our children that's at stake.
I hope you like it and thank you if you have stayed the course and read the post right to the end!


  1. What a fabulous piece of work
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Ann

    Your card is stunning, I love the colours and its fits in perfectly with the challanges.


  3. Beautiful card Ann, and so very apt. It's definitely time to 'Give Peace a Chance'
    Beryl x

  4. Wonderful arch Ann and a great subject too.
    Will be with you in thought on Sunday at 8pm. Love Cynthia x

  5. Stunning card Ann youve done it again,never cease to amaze me
    Wendy xx

  6. Wow this is really fabulous.
    Wonderful arch.

  7. Great combination of the two themes - I love it!

  8. Will be joining in with you on Sunday 21st. It's also my dad's birthday which is totally appropriate -he is a wonderful and deep thinker and I have often benefited from his wisdom and our discussions over the years. Thank you for letting me know about this minute.

  9. Lovely art. We'll be with you in peace from Nova Scotia in Sunday.

  10. Beautiful work as always Ann, the stunning background is wonderful, such lovely rich shades contrasting perfectly with the silhouette.

  11. wonderful arch, and i also will try to think to the healing minute this sunday...

  12. Fabulous, the colours are quite stunning. Perfect in every way.

  13. It is definitely time for Peace and I Love what you shared about your dh and yourself! A minute for Peace is little to give, thank you SO much for sharing that!
    Your arch is so sweet and full of feeling. May Peace be with you and yours...allways!

  14. What a fabulous card Ann - you have combined both challenges admirably!


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