Thursday, 7 August 2008

Recycled Challenge

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The challenge on the Joanna Sheen Forum this week is to make a card out of recycled materials. This morning was a stressful one and when we got back from town after sorting things out, I remembered Wendy's advice about this challenge being good for stress so I decided to act on it! The side panel is from the lid off a box of chocolates, the ribbon came off a gift, the gold mirror card was creased and abandoned in my offcuts box, the brads came off a card that didn't work, the acetate had been used for mixing paints on and the glitter is fixed on the acetate with..............windolene!!! Yes, you did read that right - I was using it the other day to obscure a couple of windows and noticed that you could get some rather nice effects depending on how you apply it (stippling works very well) although DH looked at me rather strangely when I mentioned it - can't think why, lol! Anyway, I remembered this when I sat down to do this card and couldn't resist giving it a go - incidentally, if you apply it using loo roll, it leaves little bits behind creating a rather interesting texture........:)
I've got no idea if this will have any staying power but it's been great therapy! I'm going to be cheeky here too and enter it for this week's Tanda Teaser's fine flourishes challenge - sorry Wendy but it is your fault that I made it in the first place!!
I think I'd better go and reassure DH - he's got the yellow pages open at P.....and he's not looking for plumbers or plasterers......
Ann x


  1. Oh well done you clever girl. This is great.
    Love Cynthia x

  2. Ann, it is absolutely fantastic. I didn't realise you could still get windolene I tend to use microfibre cloths for practically everything now
    Beryl bik59)

  3. This is just FAB Ann, well done!

  4. WOW amazing card well done Ann i love it
    hmm must remember to by some windowleen

    wendy xxx

  5. Ann you are a genius!!! Windolene on a card....had to read that twice LOL! It looks lovely...hope it doesn't smell though. When I think of Windolene I always remember when our son was tiny and his cousin gave him some to drink when our backs were turned!!!!

  6. What a fantastic card - love what you have done

  7. Such a clever idea Ann...fabulous card
    love Sheila xx

  8. Very original with fab results! A good feeling just to mess about with stuff isn't it!!

  9. Great card! I never would have thought of using the materials.

    SBS 20

  10. This is a great idea! I often teach rubber stamping to kids after school, and love this Recycled Challenge! I think they'd love it too! Jen Cowart

  11. This is a great idea! I love the Recycled Challenge! I often teach rubber stamping to after school programs of kids, and I think they'd get a kick out of doing this as a project! Thanks for sharing! Jen


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