Thursday, 29 May 2008

A Facelift For An Old Friend

Well I came out in a cold sweat earlier - we couldn't access the internet!!!! Today of all days too! After much fiddling and unplugging and rebooting and stuff we eventually phoned our provider who told us there'd been a problem in our area and talked my DH through what to do to reset it (we are with a cable company which is usually very good and a lot faster). Why was it so important this morning?
It's because today I feel very honoured - Cynthia has asked me to be the first guest designer on her challenge blog and I'm both thrilled and a bit nervous! I hope that those of you who enjoy challenges will enjoy this one and join in the fun! You'll find a description of what I did with this scrapbook page on Rainbow Lady's Challenge blog so I needn't bore you with it again here. Thank you for visiting!
Ann x


  1. Wow this is wonderful. Gorgeous design. Love them.

  2. Well done for being Cynthia's (Rainbow Lady) first guest designer - congratulations. Lovely card too. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog too.

  3. What a stunning scrapbook page Ann, you certainly haven't lost your touch since you've been away. Congratulations on being the first guest designer for Cynthia, I'm not surprised as your work is always beautiful.

  4. Ann I think I am losing the plot as I really thought I had commented on your lovely page!!! Maybe I just replied to your post on JS forum? It is perfect as all your work is and I hope to take part in this challenge too, well done on thinking of such a great theme!

  5. very lovely card and gorgeous design


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